About Hanyang

Hanyang's Distinctions

Hanyang International Patent and Law, with “Be Professional, Be Happy!” as its motto,
strives for satisfaction in three different areas:

namely, (1) client satisfaction, (2) quality satisfaction, and
(3) employee satisfaction.

한양의 특징

For client satisfaction, Hanyang International strives to provide Fast, Economical, and Accurate service to our clients, with the goal of providing a response within 24 hours of a client inquiry (except when an extensive search/investigation is necessary), with our professional staff, including our foreign staff, speaking fluent English and/or Japanese languages for optimized handling of international tasks, providing one-stop service for intellectual property rights and related tasks, custom-tailored to our clients’ needs, with intimate first-hand knowledge of the operation of the Korean Intellectual Property Office (“KIPO”) thanks to our patent and trademark attorneys who served as the patent and trademark examiners at the KIPO.

For quality satisfaction, Hanyang International has implemented a reward system to encourage our staff to provide proactive suggestions to clients, a triple check system to safeguard against errors, and an educational program to build the professional knowledge and skills through in-house seminars and training.

For employee satisfaction, Hanyang International provides awards to long term employees, free biennial health check, semiweekly in-house foreign language training (including Japanese), mentor-mentee advice program, company-wide staff training, and hold bazaars regularly to refresh the morale of the employees and to practice shared economy based on the spirit of recycling.